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There comes to be a point in a person’s life when it is necessary for them to require a caregiver. This person can then take care of them with whatever they need and lift the pressure off of friends and family members, leaving the work to the professionals instead. Here at Caregiver News, we strive to inform readers on a variety of topics within the Care Giving industry. From drug and substance abuse to psychological treatment or in-home care giving, Caregiver News covers it all.

Substance abuse treatments aim to help individuals who have addictions to various substances, such as alcohol, drugs, or pills, stop abusing these items and lead them on the path to recovery. These types of treatment programs are most often long-term, as short-term plans have a low success rate. Those who suffer from substance abuse can often relapse and go back to their addictions, so interventions and monitoring for support are vital throughout the recovery process.

For individuals plagued by psychological issues, like mood disorders, personality disorders, or anxiety disorders, psychological treatment is required to help them work through their struggles with these diseases. Mood disorders include depression; bipolar disorder; and grief reaction, which is triggered by tremendous sorrow or the loss of a loved one. Personality disorders encompass Borderline Personality Disorder, which involves trouble with the person’s sense of self and often results in severe mood swings; Narcissistic Personality Disorder, when an individual has an overstated sense of self and requires a hefty amount of attention from others; or Dependent Personality Disorder, the psychological dependence on another person or people in order to meet physical or emotional needs. Anxiety Disorders include Panic Disorder, when the sufferer experiences frequent panic attacks, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), relentless psychological distress that results from being threatened with severe danger or trauma. If any of these disorders go untreated, they can result in depression, severe troubles with family and friends, or even suicide.

In-home care giving is a popular form of treatment that allows patients to remain in their own homes while various forms of treatment are received. In-home caregivers are frequently available 24 hours a day and can schedule their time around the person in need of help. They offer services in personal care, transportation, medication reminders, meal preparation, or even camaraderie and a bit of housekeeping. It provides patients with a way to receive the proper treatment at home when they do not feel comfortable handling their disorders or issues in a more public setting.

Caregiver News looks to inform readers of a variety of news and information from the world of care giving. Drug and substance abuse, psychological treatment, and special programs for in-home care giving are among the wealth of topics readers can find articles about. When the time comes for someone to receive treatment – whether it is at home or a facility – it is important to be knowledgeable about that particular topic. At Caregiver News, it is possible to gain that necessary knowledge.